College Sunday School

Our Young Adult / College Age Sunday school class meets on campus on the top floor of the Educational Building in room 201 Sunday mornings at 9:00 am.

This ministry is not only for college students but for any post-high school young adults who identify themselves with this stage of life. We would love to have you be our guest in one of our upcoming small group bible studies.As you might expect for this age group, because of the demands of life, work and studies, this group's attendance can understandably be sporadic, so don't worry if you can't commit to being there every week. Just come when you can. Hope to see you there soon. You are what this study group has been missing!

The Sunday morning group is currently working through a Lifeway study called "Life Matters" which focuses on topic such as "Seeing the Divine", "Taking the Road Less Traveled", and "God's Outrageous Love". This study is by design a discussion oriented study in which member participation is encouraged and is recognized as contributing to the strength and understanding of the application of the study.

For more information or any questions, contact Scott Adams at , or you can find him on Facebook."