Sunday School

On Sunday mornings, Youth Sunday School meets in the Youth Hall (lower level of the 3-story building). We meet for about 20 minutes for Big Group announcements and group challenge, then we divide up into the following groupings:

Middle School Girls – Led by Stacy Gray & Crystal Snyder
Middle School Guys – Led by Richard Banks & Kenan Byrd
High School Girls – Led by Cathy Braswell
High School Guys – Led by Jerrell Coleman & John Stewart

Our Sunday School Leaders are using Lifeway’s KNOWN curriculum in both the High School and Middle School. KNOWN is a Bible study curriculum with a big-picture approach to spiritual development, attempting to take into consideration all factors of life as we help students Know Christ, Own their faith, and make their faith Known. The Know-Own-Known strategy for ministry to students is based on Luke 2:52 and the Sermon on the Mount: